SheepSkin Studios

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Way back when I was only 11 or 12, I used to write comics, and I also wanted to make a video game about the characters in the comics, so I asked my dad if he could make a video game for me. Once the games framework was done, I got interested in seeing how the programming worked so I could make games myself. I got into it for a while, but it never really stuck until I started getting into redstone in Minecraft, and I was VERY good at redstone, and this is when I permanently got back into programming games. Then back in November of 2014, I started a small video game project, worked on it until late January when I met Tyler in math class, This is when Tyler thought of Touch The Sheep, and we decided to make this our first game.

-By Mason


My childhood was not so great! As I did not live in town, I lived

Out in the country, with no neighbors for miles! So therefore I spent 

Alot of my time on electronics, I really got to know the Android

Operating system and how to moderate it, so I became 

Successfully at Android app development, then I went to highschool

For the first time, and met mason, He was pretty much the only

Friend that I have ever had that understands me, and as well as Shaun, 

Me and Shaun kind of slowly met!

So we all decided, hey! We all love programming, and

Shaun comes up with brilliant scripts and story lines!

So we decided to start a game development company!

Now known as 'SheepSkin Studios'